Three Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction

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Iona College student Lukas Politis has taken on volunteer and paid positions throughout his undergraduate education. In the summer of 2018, Lukas Politis worked for wholesaler Manhattan Beverage. In his role as a driver’s assistance, he achieved a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Since high customer satisfaction rates can lead to word-of-mouth marketing and return purchases, businesses put significant effort into providing excellent customer service. Customer service agents should consistently do the following to provide the type of customer experience that improves satisfaction rates:

Be Responsive: When interacting with customers, customer service agents should take time to understand their problems and concerns and seek to resolve them as soon as possible. Businesses should also routinely analyze customer feedback and make adjustments based on this information.

Create focused content: Social media gives businesses a chance to share informative and educational content directly with their consumer base. The most effective content campaigns consider and meet the diverse needs expressed by longtime, potential, and first-time customers.

Be flexible: Customers appreciate choices. Businesses can increase their flexibility by offering customer service through several channels such as phone, email, or live chat, providing customers with multiple problem-resolution options.

Factors Determining Hike Difficulty

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When not completing coursework toward his media and strategic communications degree or volunteering, college student Lukas Politis enjoys engaging in physical outdoor activities. Lukas Politis cites fishing and hiking as two of his favorite pastimes.

Before starting a hike on a rated trail, it is important to understand the meaning of a hike rating or difficulty scale. While many parks have their own rating system for measuring hike difficulty, there are some characteristics that are nearly universal. For example, trails rated as easier or less strenuous are often appropriate for novice hikers, young children, or in some cases people with minor mobility issues.

Likewise, easy trails tend to have little to no inclines or gentle elevation changes. Hikes designated as moderate tend to be long and feature more challenging, uneven terrain. There may be a few steep inclines. Challenging or difficult trails may require advanced climbing or navigation skills and higher levels of fitness. Moderate to difficult trails are best for experienced, in-shape hikers who have appropriate footwear and other gear.

St. Baldrick’s-AACR Partnership Advances Pediatric Cancer Research

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Media and strategic communications student Lukas Politis became involved with institutions that work toward finding a cure to childhood cancer. He did this as a member of Team Chance in honor of his friend who participated in St Baldrick’s before his untimely death.. Since March 2009 , Lukas Politis has participated in a St. Baldrick’s Foundation head-shaving event to raise money to find a cure for cancer, particularly pediatric cancer.

St. Baldrick’s has partnered with the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), a collaboration which resulted in the AACR-St. Baldrick’s Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement in Pediatric Cancer Research. In addition to recognizing an individual’s achievements in pediatric cancer research, the award funds a junior faculty investigator at an assistant professor level or equivalent in childhood cancer research.

To be considered for the award, candidates must be involved in cancer medicine, cancer research, or cancer-related science in an academic institution. The successful candidate is chosen by the selection committee from the recommendations submitted by internationally recognized experts in pediatric cancer.

The awardee will receive a one-year, $75,000 grant. This year’s winner will be formally announced at the 2020 AACR Annual Meeting, which will be held April 24-29 in San Diego.

Firsts in US Sports Broadcasting

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Lukas Politis attends Iona College, where he is enrolled in the media and strategic communications program. In line with his academic preparations, Lukas Politis is interested in news broadcasting and sports broadcasting.

Sports broadcasting has many facets. At a sporting event, there are play-by-play announcements, sideline reports, and game analyses. These are the results of the evolution of sports broadcasting. Here are some of the “firsts” in US sports broadcasting.

The first sports broadcast took place in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1911 at a football game played by Kansas and Missouri. More than a thousand people in Kansas watched a reproduction of the game. A telegraph wire was installed by Western Union in Columbia, Missouri, where the game was being played. Viewers in Missouri announced what happened after each play, mapped the play on a model football field, and telegraphed it to Lawrence, Kansas.

The first voice broadcast occurred on April 11, 1921, when the Pittsburgh-based Westinghouse station KDKA made a live announcement of a 10-round boxing match over the radio. In August of that same year, a baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates was broadcast by the Pittsburgh station as it happened. In addition, that October the first college football game, which was played between West Virginia University and the University of Pittsburgh, was broadcast over the radio.

On May 17, 1939, the first televised live sports event happened when NBC broadcast the baseball game between the Columbia Lions and the Princeton Tigers. The first televised college football game was played between Fordham and Waynesburg College in September 1939. These two events, however, were broadcast live in the local markets only because technology at the time could not support a coast-to-coast broadcast.

On September 29, 1951, the first televised sports event broadcast nationwide took place at a college football game between Duke University and the University of Pittsburgh.

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